16.Sep .2021 21:30

Israel and EU Reach Reciprocal Covid Passport Agreement

Israel and EU Reach Reciprocal Covid Passport Agreement
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The European Union (EU) and Israel have reached a reciprocal agreement to recognize each other's Covid vaccination certificates. Joining the EU's digital Covid certificate program will ease travel between Israel and the EU and could renew incoming tourism.
A joint announcement by Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health said that the agreement had been reached together with Israel's Ambassador to the EU in Brussels. The agreement is based on a technology infrastructure that will transfer information about those vaccinated and ensure that the certificates are valid. All the technical aspects required should be completed by the beginning of October and according to the details of the agreement, Israelis holding an Israeli vaccination certificate will gain access to the EU's Green Passport system, which allows entry to restaurants, places of entertainment, public institutions and the like, in line with the Covid instruction in each individual country, The Globes reports. 
Reciprocal recognition will ease the path of Israeli tourists and business people visiting EU countries and prepare the ground for reopening Israel to European tourists.
Beyond the EU, the agreement will provide those Israelis who have been vaccinated with access to other countries who have joined the EU's digital Covid certificate program (at present Morocco and Turkey).

The reciprocal agreement between the EU and Israel does not override separate requirements imposed by individual member countries of the EU and Israel regarding the entry of foreign nationals regarding vaccinations, Covid tests, and isolation.
Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid said that reciprocal recognition of the vaccination certificates between Israel and the EU is an important step in preparing the ground for a return to routine in all matters regarding aviation links and tourism between Israel and the EU.
Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz added, "This will allow significant relaxations in aviation, tourism, and economic relations."