21.May .2022 18:00

Israel reports first case of monkeypox

Israel reports first case of monkeypox
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Israel's first case of monkeypox was discovered in Israel on Friday evening in a man in his 30s who had returned from a trip to western Europe.

The man was in stable condition but was being kept under observation in quarantine.

The Health Ministry announced Friday night that it would investigate the monkeypox case, according to Ynet.

The new virus has been a cause for concern around the world, especially because of its ability to be transferred between people in a way that's different to other viruses like it in the past.

Spain and Portugal discovered more than 40 cases of monkeypox this week, and the outbreaks were centered in Madrid and Lisbon. Another case was discovered in Massachusetts, USA, and the person in question was reported to have recently returned from a trip to Canada where he contracted the virus. Furthermore, the UK reported that it knew of seven cases since the beginning of May.

The World Health Organization is investigating the virus.

What is monkeypox?

The Health Ministry's website describes monkeypox as a "viral illness that is characterized by fever, headaches, muscle pain and fatigue where up to three days later, a unique rash develops. Monkeypox belongs to the family of poxes which show up in a variety of types and is similar to chicken pox but with different rashes. The virus lasts for two to four weeks and usually goes away by itself without treatment."

Monkeypox is known to be transmitted mainly through airborne droplets but can also be transferred through contact with bodily fluids and objects that come in contact with bodily fluids like clothes and sheets, JPOST reports.