16.Oct .2020 13:15

It is better to stay online – Rector of Ilia State University

It is better to stay online – Rector of Ilia State University
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Ilia State University responded to the State recommendation to switch to in-person studies at the Universities from October 19, 2020. “It is better to stay online” – Zedania wrote on his Facebook page, adding that rectors of other universities also share this attitude.

As Zedania writes, administrations of all Universities are scared that in-person studies might trigger a bigger explosion of the virus.

According to Zedania, these fears are shared by some students and professors.

“Majority of Universities are concentrated in Tbilisi and their auditoriums unite students from all over the country. So, no matter how hard we try to keep social distancing, it might still not be enough to ensure the effectiveness of the preventive measure,” Zedania writes.

Giga Zedania stresses that in-person studies might become a threat to many others.

“I am not an expert for the healthcare, but I believe that till the epidemics is on the rise, it might be better to keep online teaching. This is so in many other countries, because the Universities have become epicenters of virus explosion,” – Zedania writes on Facebook.