12.May .2020 18:02

It is necessary to make quick decisions, time is the most important thing for an investor – Simetria


Tariel Gabunia, general director of developer company urges government to make quick decisions.

"It's important to make quick decisions, because time is the important for an investor," he said.

Gabunia advises the government to have individual approach to the projects that are being implemented with large investments, because today we need investments more than ever.

"A very important factor is quick adoption of decision. You know that time is very valuable for the investor and when the process of decision-making is prolonged, it negatively affects the business. So, the government must have individual approach to each project, as today we need investments more than ever. We must minimize bureaucratic barriers, which still exists today in the business ", - said general director of the development company Simetria.