23.Oct .2020 16:15

Kakha Kaladze Responds to Transport Policy Critics – “We Don’t Have Much Time”

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Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze responds to the critics of the transport policy of the municipality. He said accusations are often heard as to why they didn't bring in buses first and then implemented other projects.

"There is a simple explanation for this - there is very little time, we do not have days to lose, months to lose, therefore, everything is being done simultaneously within the framework of this reform.

This is a bus replacement-upgrade project; Simultaneously, road infrastructure is being upgraded. Bus lanes are emerging to make public transportation faster. All this is being done to popularize public transport," Kaladze said, noting that the auto park of minibusses is also being renewed.

The Mayor of Tbilisi presented to the public today 126 BMC gas busses and 200 Ford minibusses.