28.Apr .2020 18:42

Kaladze: purchase of minibuses has been temporarily postponed


Purchase of minibuses has been temporarily postponed, - Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze says in a video posted on Facebook.

He relates tender delay to the created situation by the COVID-19.

"We are implementing a lot of important projects in order to have clean air in the city and to improve the situation. For example, we have started a complete renewal of public transport. The buses will be replaced with new, environmentally clean buses, this process has already begun. The minibuses will also be completely replaced.

A tender has already been announced for the purchase of minibuses, however, due to the existing reality, the priorities have been changed. The purchase of minibuses has been temporarily postponed, although this will certainly be done, we will buy minibuses. It will happen a bit later, as today we have other priorities on the agenda. We have also implemented many projects for the rehabilitation of parks, some of them will be completed in the summer”, Kaladze said.