13.Aug .2020 12:04

Kazbegi Rooms continues operating in ordinary mode – Adjara Group

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Kazbegi Rooms continues operating in ordinary mode, Adjara Group declared BM.GE.

“We continue protection strict safety norms and hotel load has been rather high in this week, over 55%”, the company declares.

According to Adjara Group, several reservations were canceled yesterday due to the revealed cases of coronavirus at Larsi check-point. However, receiving of reservations have been restored today afresh.

“As soon as the PM explained that information about imposing restriction in Kazbegi has not been correct and Rooms Kazbegi is far away from Larsi check-point, we continue operating in an ordinary mode with all safety rules. If there should be such a need, the hotel will immediately communicate with guests as well as employees and do everything for their safety”, Adjara Group told BM.GE.