23.Dec .2019 13:27

kinolyub.com, ivi.ru, hd-dream.ru - Silknet Makes Announcement about the Blocked Websites

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The Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) is calling on internet service providers in the country to block up to 100 websites that publish pirated content. Information on these websites was provided by Silknet to the Commission. As known, these websites are already blocked in Silknet web. In this regard, the Company releases a special statement:

"We want to respond to the issue of social networking in recent days by restricting access to certain websites. We want to explain our customers, that specific websites have been blocked. These are the pages that illegally distribute the content, in particular movies and TV-shows.

Companies, including Silknet, legally and responsibly invest millions in this direction, while those websites unlawfully distribute our officially acquired movies and TV-shows to the users. This is done in violation of all laws, by avoiding taxes in the budget. It makes such a damage both our business and the country”, Silknet notes.

The List of Blocked Websites