18.Aug .2022 17:30

Lari Bounces back

Lari Bounces back
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As a result of August 18 trading, the Georgian national currency Lari (GEL) appreciated against the US dollar (USD). The change in the exchange rate against the dollar was 1.28 tetri, as a result of which the official value of the dollar became 2.7891 GEL.

According to the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), the national currency appreciated 1.50 tetri against the euro (EUR), as a result of which the official value of one euro became 2.8357 GEL.

The 2.86-tetri appreciation is against the British pound sterling (GBP), the price of which has become 3.3614 GEL.

Georgia's national currency increased by 0.08 tetri against Turkish lira (TRY) and rate became 15.52 tetri.

The rates obtained as a result of today's trading will take effect from tomorrow, August 19.

Yesterday, on August 17, NBG sold USD 8 305 000 during Foreign Exchange Auction.

The average weighted rate was 2.7961.