06.Apr .2020 18:14

Lasha Papashvili: we face the hardest challenges

Lasha Papashvili: we face the hardest challenges
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According to businessman Lasha Papashvili, the Redix Group, which employs about 1,000 people, has sent 200 employees on unpaid leave.

He told bm.ge, that they are facing the most difficult challenges.

According to him, Redix Group has completely closed 2 out of 3 hotels; Also, based on the government's recommendation, Club 71 is also closed for several weeks.

As for the rental part of real estate, tenants are asking for halting the rental payment. "30% of tenants have already applied to stop payments. Therefore, we have to reduce the number of employees, ”said Lasha Papashvili.

He said that so far, "merely agriculture works, but there are many challenges as well”.

According to the businessman, due to the coronavirus, a certain part of the private sector will not be able to recover from the created condition for a long time.