08.Nov .2019 11:57

Laying of Concrete pavement are underway on Khashuri Bypass Road

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Construction of Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti Road is being carried out as a part of the E60 East-West Highway Improvement Project.

As the Roads Department explains, the project is divided into two sections. Work on the first section continues in intensive mode. However, negotiations are being held with the World Bank to resume the halted working process on the second section.

"Despite the current challenges, a breakthrough progress has been achieved on the Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti section. Construction of the 5.8 km section will be completed by the end of the year. However, Khashuri will have a 13 km four-lane cement-concrete highway by July, 2020. New road will start at the final section of Agara-Zemo Osiauri Road and will join the new node of the existing road in Surami.

Currently, laying of concrete pavement are underway on the first section of Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti Road and construction of bridge crossings are being carried out.