10.Dec .2019 15:07

List of medicines for chronic diseases may be expanded By 2020

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"I would like to highlight two-step interventions to improve access on the quality medicine. First of all, it is especially important for us to ensure immediate access to the quality medicines," Deputy Health Minister Tamar Gabunia said in a statement on regulatory aspects of pharmacy.

"In addition, we are currently working on improving the mechanism for providing medicines for chronic diseases. This mechanism has worked with some shortcomings in the past. Now, we are working to create a list of essential medicines for clinical diseases; also set reference prices in agreement with the pharmaceutical industry. Upon this agreement, the state will continue to purchase these medicines", Gabunia said, adding that the Ministry of Health is working to increase the list of medicines needed for chronic disease management.

According to the Deputy Minister, the matter concerns to the necessary medicines for the child age population, which is currently defined by Resolution 36. It should be noted that the list should be gradually expanded.