02.Jun .2022 13:00

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa Made Investment of GEL 10 MLN For The New Season

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa Made Investment of GEL 10 MLN For The New Season
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Lopota Lake Resort & Spa, one of the largest tourist complexes in Kakheti, meets the new season with novelties. This year, the company will invest a total of GEL 10 million for the development of the hotel complex.

Maka Ghlighvashvili, commercial director of the hotel declares that part of the investment has already been made and 54 rooms of 5 hotel buildings have been renovated by the beginning of the summer season.

"Lopota Spa Resort" traditionally meets new seasons with novelties. This time 5 old buildings of the hotel were completely renovated, both the hotel rooms and the terraces. We have renovated the existing buildings on the right bank with exactly the same design as the premium rooms of the new hotel of the 15th building, ”said Maka Ghlighvashvili.

In addition to the renovated rooms, guests can visit Asian restaurant "Ike", which is located away from the central Lopota and allows those who want an active vacation to arrange noisy evenings.

"In order not to create discomfort for other guests, we have created a noisy and youthful place away from the central Lopota," said the commercial director of the hotel complex.

The restaurant can accommodate 250 people in the format of gala evenings and can host up to 400 people during the free event.

Development plans of "Lopota Spa Resort" will continue in the fall.

"In September, we will open professional tennis courts in the complex, with 4 open and one indoor hall. After the opening, a large-scale tennis championship will be held in Lopota," Maka Ghlighvashili told BM.GE.

Today, the hotel complex has 232 rooms and employs 350 people during the summer season. The average cost of a hotel, including breakfast and VAT, is USD 210 during the summer season. "Lopota Spa Resort" expects an active summer tourist season in 2022. The current occupancy of the hotel complex is up to 90%.