03.Feb .2023 14:00

Lumier’s Chimney Cake To Increase Its Product Price In 2023

Lumier’s Chimney Cake To Increase Its Product Price In 2023
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Lumier's Chimney Cake to increase its trdelnik (or chimney cake a traditional Slovak cake and confectionary) price due to inflation. The founder of the company, Emil Kurbanov, told BM.GE that in 2022, the product price has not been increased, but this year, price growth will be inevitable.

"Inflation has a great impact, all kinds of products have become more expensive, including sugar, flour, eggs. Our goal is to make all customers satisfied, so we approach the issue very carefully. We wanted to finish 2022 without price growth and we did not increase it.

As for 2023, although the USD and EUR have stabilized relatively, the prices are still rising, so we think the price increase of our product this year will be inevitable. This issue is a very big challenge," explains the founder of Lumier's Chimney Cake.

Speaking about future plans, Emil Kurbanov said that they are already planning to open two branches in Batumi this year.

“We will open two branches in Batumi, for which an investment of USD 100,000 will be made. As for Tbilisi, we are more interested in the nearby area of East Point, supposedly opening of one branch here will cost USD 50,000”, Emil Kurbanov said.

Lumier's Chimney Cake" appeared on the market four years ago and offers customers 10 types of trdelniks with different fillings, the price of which varies between GEL 7-11.