05.Aug .2022 14:00

Maersk on Vital Role of Black Sea region for cargo flows

Maersk on Vital Role of Black Sea region for cargo flows
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The Black Sea region is not related to any risks, on the contrary, it is of significance importance for cargo traffic, Irakli Danelia, Head of Maersk Business Development in the Black Sea Region, told BMG.

The route of the Black Sea region should be preserved in the long term usage, Danelia believes.

“We are witnessing a growing importance of the Black Sea region in the direction of Georgia, Bulgaria and Romania, since Russian ports are less attractive for large shipping lines and operators are physically unable to enter Ukrainian ports due to the war. This has a certain positive effect, but it is important to maintain this effect in the long term. In this regard, it is necessary to implement a set of actions both on the part of the government and the private sector,” says Danelia.

In his words, it is necessary to have a high-reliability when using the middle corridor.

“Until now, there have been world operators the so-called cargo owners, who have assessed the direction of their cargo in the Black Sea on a high-risk level. The reason for this was unreliable information, namely that the war between Russia and Ukraine and the transport of goods in the Black Sea were associated with certain risks, which is not true. It is good that this disinformation was soon eliminated and everyone understood that the Black Sea region is not only related to a high danger, but on the contrary it is vital for carrying out the important cargo flows that are formed in the Black Sea countries. In addition, it will also contribute to connecting the so-called locked countries of Central Asia with the rest of the world. This connection is quite possible through the so-called Middle Corridor, where Georgia plays the most important role,” said the head of business development at Maersk.