20.Jan .2021 13:00

Many oppose HPP construction in the country; not right - Businessman

Many oppose HPP construction in the country; not right - Businessman
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Company’s expenditures are 1,6 million GEL up due to electricity tariff increase -Temur Chkonia, founder of Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia and McDonald's Georgia told BM.GE.

The reason for such a dramatic increase in electricity costs for the company is the recent decision of GNERC to increase the electricity tariff for business operators by 11-13 tetri per kilowatt.

Given that the volume of locally generated electricity is not enough and import is needed, the businessman believes that implementation of energy projects is vitally important for the country. Temur Chkonia urges the government to communicate properly with the citizens to counter anti-HPP sentiments that are mounting.

"I must be a little unpopular in this case ... Many oppose HPP construction, which is not right. No matter how painful it is, if the government does not overcome this issue and stays in a self-defensive mode, we will not be able to move forward. Before you start construction, you must hold active negotiations with the population. If you bring tractors overnight and start digging, it is natural that the population opposes. You have to propose the population such a perspective which will be hard to neglect”, Chkonia said.

The businessman adds, that the electricity and water - both can be very dangerous weapons for the occupation.

“My Dears, not only tanks can be used for occupation. They can turn off electricity and you stay in the dark. Are you occupied or what?! What else is occupation?!”, said Temur Chkonia.