22.Sep .2022 16:00

We Expect Inflation To Decrease - CEO of Bank of Georgia

We Expect Inflation To Decrease - CEO of Bank of Georgia
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Archil Gachechiladze, CEO of the Bank of Georgia, expects inflation to decrease late in this year.

"We have seen a trend of decreasing inflation in the last two months, I hope this trend will be maintained. Several aspects affecting inflation are moving in a good direction - there is really no pressure on inflation from the side of loans, because there is not much demand for loans; As for budget spending, if it is balanced, inflation should not increase," said Gachechiladze.

The head of "Bank of Georgia" named stability and inflationary processes as the main challenges of the commercial bank and noted that the bank handles these issues well.

"The main challenge is stability - what will happen in the future, as well as the inflationary background is not easy for us, but overall we can handle it quite well. We have successfully overcome these issues in terms of digitalization. Global Finance announced us as the best digital retail bank in the world yesterday," the director of the Bank of Georgia said.