15.May .2020 19:00

May 20-27, June 15 – when the academic year ends?


2019-2020 school year will be ended for the first graders on May 27, for the 12th graders on May 20, and for the rest of the students on June 15, - declared Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia.

As Gakharia said, the academic year in Georgia had been held remotely, online, through the TV school, in a normal mode.

"The education system has been able to mobilize very quickly and introduce remote, online lessons, and this has been fruitful. Although we have people in Georgia who do not have easy access to the Internet, the Ministry of Education has solved this problem and together with the Public Broadcaster has created a format that is a TV school. It is very important that the TV school is a format that broadcasts in languages of ethnic minorities and allows each student in Georgia not to miss the school year. The result of these steps is that the school year in Georgia has been held remotely, online, through the TV school in the normal mode, and the 12th graders will finish the school year on May 20, the 1st graders on May 27, and the rest of the students on June 15,” PM Gakharia said.