23.Jun .2021 12:30

McDonald's Burger Bread To Be Sold In Markets

McDonald's Burger Bread To Be Sold In Markets
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The first international standard bakery "Bradfield" will be opened in Georgia with the investment of McDonald's. The investment value totals 26 million GEL. The bakery will employ over 30 persons at the first stage and after the increase of production, it will employ 100 persons.

As the President of "McDonald's Georgia" Temur Chkonia declares, production will completely replace imports in 18 local McDonald's restaurants. In addition, "Bradfield" burger bread will soon be sold in retail chains and from 2022 the products will be exported to the neighboring countries.

"This is the fourth enterprise in Europe, which is equipped with high standard technologies and allow us to get the quality that our customers expect. Bradfield has the opportunity to produce products that will supply fast food facilities. Our products are not only made for McDonald's, any company can come and buy, our goal is to introduce a high standard of production on the local bakery sector," said Temur Chkonia.

In order to develop the field, the company will work on educational projects and it is planned to create an educational laboratory of the factory for this purpose.