29.Jan .2021 10:30

Medical inflation on the rise

Medical inflation on the rise
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Maia Makharashvili, CEO of S.Khechinashvili University Hospital explains that medical products price is 300-500% up.

“We need cooperation with the state. All factors, that affect other businesses, reflect on our sector as well. For example, fluctuation of the exchange rate directly affected the price of imported products. Prices on the raw materials are 300-500% up. The biggest factor is the shortage of raw materials created on the supply markets, which also changes the price," - Makharashvili noted.

According to Maia Makharashvili, the clinic divided the staff into two parts to prevent a pandemic.

"We created two teams. One team treats COVID infected patients, while the other - ordinary patients. This, of course, increased our wage obligations," - director of CEO of S.Khechinashvili University Hospital said.

According to her, not all businesses must become a burden for the state, however partial subsidy of the increased utility tariff would help the clinic.