25.Mar .2020 18:21

Medics have already been able to visit more than 20,000 people, only 2 were significant – Irakli Chikovani

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The testing of Marneuli and Bolnisi has begun. Irakli Chikovani stated that groups that are staffed by local self-governance representatives and medics have already been able to visit more than 20,000 people.

"They are being asked certain questions, their temperatures are being taken. Measures envisaged by other medical protocols are also being implemented. Only 25 out of the 20,000 people were found to have had a fever, of whom only two were significant and correspondingly, they were hospitalized in Marneuli," the prime minister's advisor stated.

The Georgian government has quarantined the municipalities of Marneuli and Bolnisi and put them on lockdown on March 23. Entering and leaving Marneuli and Bolnisi Municipalities are restricted. All outlets were shut down, except for food stores, pharmacies, and other essential infrastructural facilities. Public transport is restricted as well, and so the movement within the municipalities, with the exception of citizens leaving home for food, medications, or medical services.