28.May .2021 15:30

Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between Eurocredit and WallyPay to Strengthen Fintech Direction

Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between Eurocredit and WallyPay to Strengthen Fintech Direction
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In the modern world, easy and fast access to finance is one of the most prominent challenges facing companies in this industry. Integrating technologies into the financial sector make transactions more transparent, flexible, and convenient for consumers and financial institutions alike. 
Eurocredit decided to prepare for the challenges the financial sector may face in just a couple of years. To this end, the company concluded a memorandum with WallyPay, an international fintech company that appeared on the Georgian market in 2019.
Mikheil Nonikashvili, CEO of Eurocredit, explains, "Technologies changed our daily lives significantly, and we feel this every step of the way. Today, our existence without the internet and smartphones is unimaginable. The same is true for the financial sector. The introduction of technologies is vital to simplify processes and use resources more efficiently. A good example is our collaboration with WallyPay, a fintech company that offers various remote and streamlined financial services to consumers. In January 2021, together with WallyPay, we were the first in Georgia to introduce the opportunity to take a car loan remotely. Lately, our cooperation has moved to a new level. Customers who have ever received a loan from us or want to increase the limit on an active loan and are also WallyPay cardholders can receive money in just a few minutes via a mobile application. The possibility of obtaining a loan remotely once again emphasizes the approach of Eurocredit towards customers that with us, there are no obstacles. Remote car loan service is certainly not the upper limit of our cooperation with WallyPay. On the contrary, it is a good start for realizing the great possibilities of our partnership."
The memorandum envisages the planning and implementation of joint projects, not only in introducing new technologies but also in raising awareness of issues relevant to this field.