12.Oct .2020 18:15

Why Doesn’t Girchi Have Its Own Election Program?– Zurab Japaridze’s Take

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“It was our strategic decision not to have a detailed program for this elections” – Zurab Japaridze from the political party Girchi told The Checkpoints.
According to the political leader, Girchi is not trying to win elections now: We don’t lie to our voters and we don’t say to them that we are going to win these elections or that we are going to form the government – Zurab Japaridze explains – So, we don’t have details and numbers in our program. What we tell our voters is that we might be the part of the coalition government if the opposition wins at the end of the day and then what we will try to do is that we will try to push our ideas forward as far as possible”.
The strategy entails initiating a special process with all the main opposition parties and trying to find some kind of overlaps with them. Girchi reached quite a success in this direction. “We signed three documents – Zurab Japaridze told The Checkpoints - These are the visions on how we – the opposition - want to change judiciary, how we want to change economy and how we want to change education system”.