23.Oct .2020 16:45

Minister: Several Clinics in the Regions Will Be Converted Into Fever Centers

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The Ministry of Health will today approve a list of additional clinics that will be converted into fever centers across the country.
According to Ekaterine Tikaradze, up to 450 new beds will be mobilized as a result of the mentioned decision.
"As for the bed fund, it is necessary to mobilize beds in the region; we are also approving the list of clinics that will be involved in the treatment of COVID19. They will be in Sagarejo, Tetritskaro, Kutaisi, Akhaltsikhe and Lanchkhuti," - said the Minister.
The Minister also assessed the healthcare sector's situation and said that today, the hospital sector has the opportunity to meet the infected with high readiness.
"According to today's data, we have stability in the primary health care sector. We have added call receiving facilities, thus improving patient monitoring. They are distributed according to the district doctors, and their involvement is also very active. We managed the case of 3446 patients yesterday. More than 300 of them were problematic," said Ekaterine Tikaradze.
According to her, there is a positive dynamics of discharging the cured citizens in Adjara and Kutaisi.