15.Jan .2020 17:34

Ministry of Economy: number of TEU containers increased by 42% in Georgian Ports

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The number of TEU containers is sharply up 41.7% in Georgia's transport corridor during 2019. According to the Ministry of Economy, Georgian ports received 584,879 TEU containers in January-November 2019, the highest growth is noted in Poti Port.

Container Turnover Results for 11M 2019:

Poti Port - 485,410 containers, an increase of 46.8% over the previous year;
Batumi Port - 99,469 containers, an increase of 21.3% over the previous year.

As for the total cargo turnover, according to 11 months’ data of 2019, its volume amounts to 15.8 million t, which is 15% more comparing to the same period of 2018.

Poti Port - 7.9 million t, up 36.2% over the previous year;
Batumi Sea Port - 2.9 million t, down 15% over the previous year;
Supsa Marine Terminal - 3.5 million t, up 3% over the previous year;
Kulevi Maritime Terminal - 1.5 million t, up 15% over the previous year.