14.Sep .2021 14:30

Ministry of Economy Will Pay EUR 1.5 MLN To Buy Oxygen Production

Ministry of Economy Will Pay EUR 1.5 MLN To Buy Oxygen Production
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The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development will purchase 13 oxygen generators, - according to the information published on the website of the State Procurement Agency.

As of the agency, the ministry plans to spend EUR 1.5 million or GEL 5.5 million on the project.

Air generators must produce 28 tons of oxygen per day, which will be distributed to the patients infected with COVID-19.

Due to the epidemiological situation in the country and the significant increase in the flow of infected patients with COVID-19 (5000-6000 new cases daily), the number of hospitalized patients has increased (average daily rate in July amounted to 4200-4500, while in August - 7500). As a result, additional bed fund is mobilized to prevent overload of the healthcare system (5500 beds were mobilized in July, 8450 - in August), new spaces are created.

“Providing clinics with medical oxygen is vital to offer quality services to the population, which is particularly important amid the pandemic. The current daily consumption of medical oxygen is 77-80 tons and only 35 tons are produced locally, the rest is imported from different countries.

At present, imports are complicated by the growing number of infected people in neighboring countries. In anticipation of a new wave in the fall, many countries are refusing to export oxygen. In view of the above, it is vital to address the shortage of medical oxygen supply in the near future by increasing oxygen production on the ground," the State Procurement Agency said in a statement posted on the website.