13.Apr .2022 17:00

Ministry of Health To Inspect COVID-Clinics

Ministry of Health To Inspect COVID-Clinics
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The Ministry of Health is inspecting COVID-clinics. According to Minister Zurab Azarashvili, these clinics will be fined in case of financial violations.

"Apart from the financial part, we are actively inspecting the clinics in terms of infection control. They are given a reasonable period of time to solve the problems. We will inspect them again within 2-3 weeks. If the same problem is observed, we will use different sanctions," the minister said.

General Director of Khechinashvili Clinic Maia Makharashvili says that their clinic has not been fully focused on COVID-infected patients and they are working with a "hybrid method", although she notes that COVID-clinics were inspected gradually.

"As far as we know, medical cards are being checked. The cards were checked before the pandemic and this is not novelty. The second part of the inspection is related to the funding. Due to the fact that a large part of the services is funded from the state budget, it is inspected how adequately this amount is spent in accordance with the universal healthcare program. In the case of COVID-clinics, they check whether the calculation is made adequately and etc.," Makharashvili said.