29.Nov .2021 15:00

Moldova Repaid Debt to Gazprom for Current Gas Supplies

Moldova Repaid Debt to Gazprom for Current Gas Supplies
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Moldovagaz repaid the current debt to Gazprom after the warning on potential termination of supplies, the press service of the Moldovan gas distributing company said. 
"Moldovagaz transferred payment for natural gas consumed in October and the first half of November of this year to Gazprom," the company said, TASS reports. 

The debt to the Russian gas holding totaled $74 mln. On Thursday, November 25, the Moldovan legislative assembly introduced amendments to the budget and approved urgent allocation of funds.
On its side, Gazprom confirmed that Moldova has paid odd its current gas debt. However, the holding fears that non-payments may repeat due to systemic problems in the energy sector of the republic.
"Moldova paid off the current arrears. Gazprom showed goodwill and granted a delay, although it had every reason to stop deliveries. The problem has been resolved," the gas giant’s spokesman Sergey Kupriyanov said.

Gazprom expects that the Moldovan side will take definitive measures to stabilize the situation and ensure the stable fulfilment of its contractual obligations to Gazprom in full.
"At the same time, the very fact that budget funds were required for payments for gas signals systemic problems in the energy sector of Moldova. This means that the crisis of non-payments may repeat," the representative of the Russian gas holding said.

"All this week, the Moldovan authorities have publicly reported how they are saving the country and arranging allocation of money for an overdue payment to Gazprom. There is nothing heroic in this. Paying under a contract is normal," Kupriyanov added.
On Monday, November 22, Gazprom notified Moldova of the possible termination of gas supplies in 48 hours due to lack of payment under the current contract.
In October, Gazprom and Moldovagaz extended their gas supply contract for five years. One of the clauses of the agreement implies that Moldova always makes current payments for gas on time, but on November 22 the payment was never received, the Russian gas holding noted.
Moldova’s debt to the Russian gas holding amounted to $74 mln. However, Gazprom made an exception and agreed with the request of the Moldovan government not to stop gas supplies to the country. The Moldovan side pledged to fully pay the current debt on November 26.