01.Nov .2019 12:40

Money Spent on Electricity Imports has Doubled - Recent Statistics

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According to Geostat, Georgia imported electricity of USD 11 million 731.6 thousand in September 2019, the amount is twice higher comparing to the spent amount in the same period of the last year (USD 5 million 895.4 thousand).

Electricity import from January to September totaled to USD 50 million 360.8 thousand - 21.9% more compared to the first nine months of last year (41 million 314.3 thousand USD).

As for the volume of imports, according to the Electricity Market Operator (ESCO), 185.3 million kWh of electricity was imported to Georgia in September 2019, the figure is up by 32.8% compared to the same period of the last year (139.5 million kWh).

Georgia purchased electricity from the following countries:

Russia: 125.011 million kWh

Azerbaijan: 60.334 million kWh

According to the total indicator for January-September 2019, Georgia imported 1020.5 million kWh electricity. This figure is 22.6% up compared to the same period of 2018 (832.4 million kWh).