27.Feb .2021 20:00

Most Expensive Wine Producer Expresses Interest in Georgia

Most Expensive Wine Producer Expresses Interest in Georgia
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The producer of the most expensive wine in the world, Liber Pater expressed interest in Georgia. Owner and winemaker of french wine company, Loïc Pasquet, plans to cultivate the vineyard in Georgia and develop modern technologies here.

The partner in the business is the founder of Askaneli Wines, Gocha Chkhaidze, who recently visited United Arab Emirates, where Liber Pater wines were presented.
Gocha Chkhaidze together with his partners was introduced to the owner of Liber Pater, Loïc Pasquet. As a result, the French winemaker will visit the country in 2 months.
"Georgia is an utterly important country in the wine industry since wine was born in the country. You have a variety of unique authentic wines. We want to discover that wine. We have the potential of creating a beautiful brand. Georgia may be a sleeping beauty, which needs waking up. I want to visit the country soon." - Loïc Pasquet noted.
Loïc Pasquet decided to produce high-quality french wine in 2015.
Liber Pater wines are sold in a limited amount and annually, its sales do not exceed 1,000 bottles. The price of the bottle reaches 30,000 Euros.