07.Apr .2021 14:30

Platform which connects cooks and gourmets

Platform which connects cooks and gourmets

Platform Slice IT will distribute ready-made dishes from home to home. As Nino Kviria, founder of the project told Business Morning, the platform allows the cooks to go self-employed.

"Customers can be both cooks and customers. Delivery service will have three options: “bring the food”, “take the food” and “visit me”. The cook can activate any three buttons from these three options. However, the option “visit me” is difficult to perform amid a pandemic. A person evaluates a dish according to all criteria and after several negative evaluations, the user will leave the platform automatically," Kviria said.

According to her, the platform will be launched in about a month and a half.

“We will analyze the feedback, improve the platform and then, we will launch the website in at least 5 countries. We are also ready for competitors in the near future," - Nini Kviria explained.