23.Jun .2022 19:00

Construction Industry Needs Reforms - Company

Construction Industry Needs Reforms - Company
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"Our new name - 'Reform' means re-formation of our company, as well as reforming the whole industry in the light of the many challenges we face. We have the ambition to be at the forefront of this process," Gegi Kelbakiani, General Director of the company Reform told TV-Program Business Morning.

"We did not rebrand just to change the name. We were preparing for years and rebranding was conditioned due to the decision to take the company to a new level", - said Gegi Kelbakiani.

According to him, the construction sector is in a difficult situation today, and the industry can not meet the challenges.

"Today the industry is in a difficult situation, practically from all sides there is a challenge, which, unfortunately, can not be responded at the industry level. First of all, it is inflation and rising prices. Also, the lack of workforce is problematic in the industry. It is very good that the European market is opened for our citizens, but on the other hand, the most qualified specialists have left for Europe for higher wages. Consequently, all this has greatly affected our sector," - said the General Director of Reform.