21.Jan .2020 16:54

Natia Turnava: new tender on Anaklia deep-sea port will be announced soon

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Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava says that a new tender on the Anaklia deep-sea port will be announced soon.

As the Minister said, it was a logical decision to end a contract with the Anaklia Development Consortium.
“The decision was absolutely logical, as Anaklia is our priority and we cannot allow any further delays.

As for the next procedure, it will be as transparent as any of the steps taken by us in relation to this project.

We announced that we will start the new tender procedure very soon. The Ministry of Infrastructure, with our involvement, will review the terms and conditions, as they have undergone considerable modification since 2017 in favor of the investor.

We think this tender will be successful. We are very hopeful that a new company will soon emerge as a result of a transparent tender. Of course, Anaklia Port will be built, this is our strategic priority and nothing will hinder it," Turnava said.