12.Oct .2020 10:15

Natia Turnava: we are working on new strategies for attracting FDI

Natia Turnava: we are working on new strategies for attracting FDI
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According to the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Natia Turnava, the government is working on new strategies for attracting FDI.

The Minister told it to the program "Forbes Week" while talking about the new strategy of attracting foreign direct investment.

According to Natia Turnava, location consultants / scouts had been chosen. Turnava notes, that they have already visited Georgia from the US and Europe.

Location scouts or location consultants are individuals hired by various consulting companies to offer analytical services to their clients for investing abroad.

"These are international companies that advise their clients on where to open new offices and where to invest. Georgia has appeared on their map. We hold active meetings with scouts. They have already arrived from the US, Belgium and they say that Georgia has a very good prospect despite the hard regional location. This is a proactive strategy for attracting the FDI. It is also a novelty that our goal is to focus not only on specific industries that will create more jobs, but also on the brands and leaders of those industries," she said.

To note: a total of $ 409.6 million has been invested in Q1 2020, which is $ 140.7 million or 25.56% less comparing to the previous year.