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Natural Honey Exports from Georgia Record High in Jan-April 2021

Natural Honey Exports from Georgia Record High in Jan-April 2021
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31.44 tonnes, worth US$ 116, 880 of natural honey has been exported from Georgia during January-April 2021. Export destinations totaled 11 countries. Export value of the first four months almost equals to the results of the whole 2020, when it stood at US$ 122, 540 and is over twice up from the whole of 2019. 
The main importer of Georgian natural honey by value during Jan-April 2021 was Bulgaria, with US$ 38, 380, or 19.40 tonnes. It was followed by Kazakhstan - US$17, 280 or 3.93 tonnes; UAE - US$14, 640 or 2.65 tonnes; USA- US$13, 850 or 1.43 tonnes and Hong-Kong - US$11, 330 or 1.43 tonnes. Other importers of natural honey from Georgia were: Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Azerbaijan, reads the data of the National Statistics Office of Georgia. 
Georgian honey exporters earned just US$ 19, 230 during Jan-April 2020. Export volume amounted to 2.52 tonnes. During the reporting period, export markets totaled six. With 11. 480 US$ or 1.81 tonnes Canada was the main importer. Honey has also been exported to Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the USA. 
This year’s results are also significantly higher as compared to pre-pandemic 2019. During Jan-April 2019 honey export volume was just 0.98 tonnes, worth US$ 9, 890. The number of importer countries for the reporting period was seven. During the whole of 2019, 6.38 tonnes of natural honey worth US$ 56, 300 was exported from Georgia.