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New Businesses with COVID Protocol

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New Businesses with COVID Protocol

25,073 businesses were registered in Georgia during the 8 months of 2020. The figure is by 8,278 units, or 25% less than the same period last year. While the active businesses were completely shut down due to pandemic, new market players emerged which turned the COVID-crisis not into an obstacle but an opportunity.
Pursuant to the National Statistics Office of Georgia, with 4,308 units, June of this year turned out to be the most active month with the number of registered businesses. This figure even exceeds the data for June 2019, when the number was 3,899 units. The anti-record of registered businesses data was in April 2020. Only 308 businesses were registered at this time.

BM.GE will introduce you to the number of companies founded during the pandemic, the main motto and advice of the founders of which are: “Carpe Diem" and "See new opportunities in the crisis".

REDAgency – Real Estate Marketing Company

REDAgency, based in Georgia during a pandemic, assists construction companies in advertising their products. „I moved to Georgia in the spring of 2019 with my wife. We have been studying the Georgian real estate market for a long time, both in Batumi and Tbilisi. We have seen many opportunities to start a business in Georgia. During our one-year stay in Georgia, we clearly understood in which field and by what methods we can succeed," said Anton Tyunov, one of the founders of REDAgency.

The study of the Georgian real estate market in 2019, the analysis of who and why buys real estate, the introduction of Georgian construction companies, had clearly showed to Tyunov and his partners the gaps of the construction sector in service and marketing in terms of attracting buyers, especially in such a difficult period. "We knew exactly how to combine the most advanced marketing techniques with our real estate experience. Success was inevitable."

According to Tununov, one of the challenges of the pandemic in terms of remotely offering business activities is not a hindrance for them, because it is their daily routine. "Therefore, we see a good prospect for the development of our business," Tununov told.

“Me-Nishne” – Bookmarks with a Specific Concept

Two details were revealed to 26-year-old Mariam Gzirishvili, during the lockdown, one of which she turned into her own business idea. “"First: people became massively interested in cooking and second: they started reading more books than before." Gzirishvili, a student of Bologna Business School, who, in addition to studying in Italy, is engaged in the production of handmade accessories and with the help of a friend, developed a specific concept of bookmarks, decided to move the business to Georgia.

“Bookstores are very actively interested in my products. Consequently, I think my business will be somewhat profitable. The selling price is acceptable for the target segment. At the same time, the cost of production materials is minimal and the risks were virtually non-existent,” said Gzirishvili, founder of Me-Nishne.

GeoEngVision – Solving Engineering Problems

GeoEngVision operates in technology. The company has a team of electrical and physical engineers who are ready to solve engineering tasks for both local and international companies. "The idea of starting a company was prompted by the fact that within my ambit of acquaintances there was a certain type of demand for solving engineering tasks. I decided to form a team of professionals to solve these issues, ”said Ledi Sagrishvili, founder of GeoEngVision.

British Language Centre

"As we recall, we were virtually paralyzed for six months and switched to a fully online activity, but I think we also need to take risks in life," said Nano Gvaramia, who decided to set up the British Language Center during the pandemic. The center employs 3 teachers. The language center founded by Gvaramia is equipped with modern equipment and observes all safety norms and standards. "The investment, of course, is quite large, but I think it will definitely come out and I will realize mine and my relatives’ expectations. I believe we will make great progress, we will provide sound academic background to the society and we will definitely open branches,” said Gvaramia.

Conrad Capital Georgia – Opportunity to Invest in UK Real Estate

Conrad Capital Georgia provides high-income customers in Georgia and the Caucasus region with the opportunity to invest in low-risk assets such as real estate in the UK. The company provides relevant investment property, investments, full legal provision, their partial financing and investment security.

“Covid is likely to be part of our life for the foreseeable future. Carpe Diem (Seize the day)! There is always opportunity in adversity and there are huge opportunities at the present time. True entrepreneurs will know this already,” said John Clifford, Managing Director at Conrad Family Office, which has established a branch of Conrad Capital in Georgia and after Georgia, from the third quarter of 2020, plans to expand the company in Poland, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

“"Calculate, think, create and make predictions in the perspective of 2-3-5-10 years. Most importantly - try it! If you are confident in your idea, in your business - follow it! "- says Anton Tyunov, REDAgency, who adds:"if your idea really keeps track of time, the crisis is not a problem, but an opportunity. "