22.Oct .2020 14:15

New export markets are added – Caucasus Auto Import

New export markets are added – Caucasus Auto Import
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Aleksandre Vekua, Head of Sales Department of Caucasus Auto Import told BM.Ge that new export markets are added including Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Tajikistan.

Vekua noted that the company did not have much expectations in the direction of re-export but the realty showed other results.

Vekua declares, that despite the auto re-export reduction amid pandemic, new export markets have emerged, where demand on cars is grown. He also notes, that sales are sustained on the traditional export markets, including Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

"Expectations for re-exports were far more pessimistic than reality, but it seems that the market had quickly shifted to remote work. Decline in the re-export rate is not big. In addition, new export markets emerged, including Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan. Georgia still retains the function of a hub, the country has for a decade in terms of automobile sales," said Alexander Vekua.