24.Nov .2020 21:00

New Platform for Covid-Infected Patients – “Covider”

New Platform for Covid-Infected Patients – “Covider”
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Due to the epidemic situation in the country, the demand for doctors is growing day by day. To access the doctor's consultation and improve the current situation, the founders of "Ertianoba" (Chairman of the Georgian Farmers' Association - Nino Zambakhidze, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Adjara Group - Valeri Chekeria, Manager of Business Accelerator "Spark" - Sandro Kandelaki) together with immunologist Bidzina Kulumbegov, created a new platform "Covider."
The "Covider" platform will enable all covid infected people to receive complete information about the virus, as well as tips and recommendations, using artificial intelligence. All questions that the customer will have will be answered by a doctor known to them - Bidzina Kulumbegov.
For the infected to easily go through a difficult period, they should search for the Facebook page "Covider" and follow tips through the messenger:
  • What do you do in case of symptoms;
  • At what time should we do COVID-19 testing;
  • Where PCR testing takes place;
  • What are the rules of self-isolation;
  • Recommendations.
"The difficult epidemic situation in the country has shown us that the demand for doctors and access to accurate information is a challenge. Therefore, the platform "Ertianoba" created another new platform, "Covider", which will help those infected. For the customer to have reliable and accessible information, we asked Dr. Bidzina Kulubmegov to be involved in this process. In most cases, we fight the virus at home, and it is this platform that will help the infected get information on how to fight the virus properly. Through this platform, everyone will have access to a doctor's consultation, which will change the current epidemiological situation for the better. We hope to have more recovering patients," said Nino Zambakhidze, chairwoman of the Georgian Farmers' Association.