21.Apr .2021 13:00

New Regulations to Protect Subscribers from Roaming "Overcharging"

New Regulations to Protect Subscribers from Roaming "Overcharging"
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The Communications Commission of Georgia introduced a new regulation, which implies new demands to the Georgian operators on activation of roaming services. The companies are charged to approve the roaming limit in advance and after the limit ends up, the service will be interrupted.

The new regulation on roaming will come into force from January 1, 2022.

"The company is obliged to provide financial limits to the person wishing to receive roaming services before arriving in a foreign country. According to the amendment, an obligatory financial limit will be set in agreement with the customer. In the case of a limit expire, the service will be suspended and no additional debt will be accrued to the customer”, -the Communications Commission declares.

According to the regulator, customers will have a tool to control and avoid the overcharging. Subscribers also will be able to control expenditures occurred during the mobile internet services. The company is obliged to provide subscribers with information on service limits.

It worth noting, that the Communications Commission submitted another new regulation, which bans automagical activation of new paid services and packages without customers’ consent.