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New Tender For The Anaklia Port Construction underway - Gov't

New Tender For The Anaklia Port Construction underway - Gov't
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The government is preparing a new tender for the construction of Anaklia Port. Before the new state procurement, the government wants to update the feasibility study. Deepwater Port Development Agency signs a contract of 1 million GEL to manage these processes.

“The main goal of the Anaklia Deepwater Port Development Agency is to meet all the requirements of the law to implement the project. This includes the renewal of feasibility study for a new tender of the Anaklia Deepwater Port project.

The government has already selected companies that will carry out the relevant works by 2021 and prepare the Anaklia Port project for a new tender. This means that all the services are purchased directly, without a tender.

“From the commencement date, the procuring entity has been consulted by various international legal or financial / technical consulting companies (Dechert Georgia (hereinafter MG Law Office Ltd.), White & Case, Port Consultants Rotterdam, etc.), which have been fully involved in the project and know all its details, so it is logical to continue cooperation with these consultants.This approach will save additional unreasonable financial resources and time. It is also possible to sign a contract (s) with other highly qualified / reputable international consulting firms as well, since their involvement in the process is one of the main guarantees for the successful implementation of the project.

It is extremely important that the above-mentioned services are provided without any delays and through easing the mandatory procedures set by the Georgian legislation not to hinder the implementation of the project,” the document reads.
The Government of Georgia terminated contract with the Anaklia Development Consortium early in 2020. The official reason was non-fulfillment of the obligations under the previous contract with the Anaklia Development Consortium. Due to this, the ADC has sued the Georgian government at the international arbitration court.