27.Mar .2023 15:45

Niamori To Open A New Wine Celler Near Tbilisi

Niamori To Open A New Wine Celler Near Tbilisi
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The alcoholic beverage production company "Niamori" is planning to open a new wine cellar near Tbilisi late in 2023. Accoridng to the director of the company, Giorgi Bochorishvili, the wine cellar will host local, as well as foreign guests.

"Niamori" has already produced 5000 bottles of wine in 2023, and the product is sold both in Georgian and foreign markets. The company does not own vineyards and gets grapes from local growers, as Giorgi Bochorishvili notes, Niamori does not plan to add vineyards in the future.

Speaking about future plans, the director of the company noted that the company is conducting negotiations with the Baltic and European countries.

Company "Niamori" was founded in 2016, and it began to operate actively from the fall of 2017. At this stage, the company employs 15 people. "Nyamori" wine price ranges from GEL 60 to GEL 445.