09.May .2022 17:00

Nikoloz Gamkrelidze Will Be A New CEO Of Georgia Capital

Nikoloz Gamkrelidze Will Be A New CEO Of Georgia Capital
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Georgia Capital PLC announces today an important development in its corporate governance. Irakli Gilauri has proposed to the Board that, upon the completion of his current employment contract as Chairman and CEO in May 2023, the roles of Chairman and CEO should be separated, and that he would step down as CEO and continue as Board Chairman.

Gilauri made this proposal as he considers that this move is in the best interests of the Company - enabling it to continue to take advantage of his strategic guidance in the investment process while at the same time advancing the succession planning of the organisation by elevating Nikoloz Gamkrelidze, currently Deputy CEO of Georgia Capital, to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

The independent non-executive members of the have reflected separately on Mr. Gilauri’s proposal and have unanimously agreed that it is indeed in Georgia Capital’s best interests and that separating the Chairman/CEO roles will improve its already strong governance profile.