11.May .2020 11:01

Nina Kobakhidze: the result will be deplorable if we do not start opening businesses on time


"Business today is ready to deal with the current situation. Italy’s case will not be repeated here”, Nina Kobakhidze, chairperson of the Supervisory Board of the Geo Hospitals Group and Georgian Business Association's Health Committee, told TV-program Women’s Narrative.

According to Kobakhidze, Italy met the pandemic unprepared. "Our healthcare sector is well-prepared and we know exactly what to do at the moment," said the chairperson of Georgian Business Association's Health Committee.

According to her, Georgian business had enough time to analyze the condition on the example of other countries and come up with the right plan for crisis management. Businesses have had to incur a lot of unforeseen expenses to protect employees and citizens. Today, business has adapted to the current situation.

"If businesses are not opened, the result will be much harder and more deplorable. Despair also affects people's lives,” said Kobakhidze.