15.Jan .2020 16:21

“No one will be pardoned” - Kakha Kaladze warns his team


Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze appeals to his deputies, heads of departments and governors and urges them to take maximum steps to prevent corruption.

Kaladze has said that if anyone needs help, the City Hall will not leave him alone, but the City Hall would show "maximum principle" against corruption.

“I would like to warn all heads of departments, my deputies, and governors that you should be focused on preventing corruption in your own sectors. Personally, my approach and attitude is already know that nobody forgives anything. I understand everything, but corruption is unacceptable. If anyone needs help, no one will be left alone with problems, there will be support. My request is to take preventive actions in this direction and avoid any problems, ”Kaladze said.