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NOKA Store – The First Cashierless, Lineless Store to be Opened in Tbilisi in Feb 2021

NOKA Store – The First Cashierless, Lineless Store to be Opened in Tbilisi in Feb 2021
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Standing in a long queue at a grocery store and anxiously waiting for one’s turn is an experience that every shopper can resonate with. Keep calm, - says FINA Ltd, which has already worked on resolving the mentioned problem. In sum, from February 2021 every Georgian can grab any desired item from a grocery store in an unbelievable order: without a cashier, a queue, and a scanning. 
“The project idea came in 2019 while again after a hard working day we have been standing in a long line of the crowded market, just for one juice. And while others were resonating, we started thinking of creating a technology of comfortable shopping, which envisaged giving customers an opportunity to enjoy shopping and at the same time, relax cashiers’ work,” David Topchishvili, Director at FINA Ltd, told BMG.   
“We did it and right now we think it is the most suitable period for NOKA technology not only in Georgia but around the world,” he added. 

NOKA store, the first cashier-less, lineless, and without scanning grocery store, which is already under the testing mode, will open its first store for a broader audience in February 2021, in Vera district, Tbilisi. 
In Topchishvili’s words, the list of advantages of their innovative project is quite long for both, the customers and the businesses. In the meantime, he underlined the three main benefits: no cashiers, no scan, no lines, adding that those are common for both sides.  “What this means for customers? Firstly, this technology considers comfortable shopping, it is very pleasant when you can enter the market, just take from shelves what you need, put it in your basket, pay and exit. It is really time-saving when you do not need to stay in line, wait while the cashier will scan each of the products separately, and wait when the transaction will be completed. The only thing you need is to easily take what you need, pay, and exit”. 
The benefits of this innovative project are also huge for businesses, Topchishvili assures. “Businesses can offer a mix shopping experience: traditional with cashiers and an innovative - NOKA technology-based, without cashiers. Of course, our main goal was not to replace human resource completely with technology in this sector, we do understand that for part of customers, especially elders that cannot be very familiar with technologies, prefer the usual form of shopping, but business can mix both forms and avoid long lines. We all have experienced long lines at supermarkets, all this cause negative attitude towards markets, in this condition it is very comfortable when you have a chance to choose easy shopping way, take what you need, pay and leave market shortly”. 
And since the global pandemic instructs us to keep distance in order to stay safe, switching to the store without a queue seems to be the best solution. “We think that this is the most relevant time to launch NOKA technology-based markets widely.  As you know, we need to keep distance all the time, we need to have less contact with each other, NOKA technology gives the possibility to minimize contacts and markets will have opportunity to continue working still following all kind of regulations and offer customers even more safe shopping opportunities,” Director at FINA Ltd, told. 
Founded in 2011, FINA Ltd optimizes more than 3 500 businesses in Georgia, most of its customers are from the food and retail sector. “The mentioned companies are open for new technologies and digitalization, especially during the pandemic period, when they need to try new opportunities, new channels in order to work and grow further and for this, they are ready to optimize their business,” David Topchishvili, Director at FINA Ltd, told BMG.