28.Dec .2020 21:00

Non-Stop Development Activities and IT Transformation – Silknet Sums Up 2020

Non-Stop Development Activities and IT Transformation – Silknet Sums Up 2020
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Davit Mamulaishvili, General Director of Silknet, sat down with The CheckPoints to give the public a detailed yearly sum up of the year. He overviewed how the company handled the year 2020; How Silknet managed to maintain sustainability, follow development strategy, including non-stop development activities, and IT transformation.
One of the bright spots of this year was bringing Euronews to Georgia. As Mamulaishvili explains, bringing Euronews to Georgia is part of the shareholders and the entire team's vision to create a neutral space that is free and independent. As he points out, this is guaranteed by the brand and Euronews Georgia's curators, who are EU representatives. "We had to hire a 200-seat charter plane and bring in 7 technicians to launch the project on time in May. Giorgi Ramishvili made this commitment, and we successfully fulfilled this obligation. Euronews is working strongly. I believe that over time the success of this project will increase," he says.  
Mamulaishvili also highlights another important initiative - the Georgian Ski Federation - "which we have been financing for over 10 years. All the activities connected to Skiing are essential for the Georgian economy and culture. We need to understand how important this sector is for the development of Winter Tourism. This is the reason we are actively supporting this field," - he says.
The Company head emphasizes the importance of holding the Tsinandali Festival despite the epidemiological reality, the aim of which was to bring in world-class performers and unite them with young artists who got once in a lifetime opportunity to receive masterclasses. "Tsinandali Festival is crucial for the advancement of values and is extremely important for our country's development," - Mamulaishvili says. 
As for the massive IT transformation, according to Mamulaishvili, this is the main subject matter that he thinks about the most. "This is the current reality: 200 people from China are involved, the same number from Georgia. In total, 400-500 IT professionals are involved in the step-by-step transition from the old program to the new program. This process includes the transformation of 8 modules - mobile system, reporting system, planning system, technical budgets, and more. We are currently creating the so-called new "constitution" and a new operational script. By the time we complete the IT transformation, this company will become a true 21st-century company," - he says.