25.Feb .2021 13:30

Not all hotels can open in the mountain resorts – Hotel

Not all hotels can open in the mountain resorts – Hotel
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The Coordination Council decided to open ski resorts yesterday. As a result of the decision, mountain hotels resume operating from today, while the ropeways will be opened from March 8.

According to the hotel operators, they expected easing of COVID-related restrictions, but no one warned them about it. Despite the government's decision, Erekle Kokaia, CEO of Inn Group, says not all hotels will be able to resume operations.

"As long as the season is still there and fortunately the weather helps us, we hope that in March we get some income. Everyone, of course, will not succeed due to some problems. It will be difficult to open and operate a hotel, given that we will have a limited market. We will mainly work on our citizens again; we do not expect foreign guests yet. However, we hope that the company will get a small income by lifting the restrictions.

Many operators will try to open the hotels, but they must keep in mind that opening the hotel is associated with certain expenditures, including hiring staff soon. In addition, the competition will be very high, supposedly prices will be low because demand is not big. Correspondingly, not everyone will be able to work. If you do not have enough guests, it does not worth working for 1-2 rooms. Therefore, it can be difficult for many, especially small hotels, but we have the opportunity to work, we can fail, but we still have high hopes,” said Erekle Kokaia.