22.Oct .2020 11:45

“Nothing changed significnatly” - Pegas Touristik

“Nothing changed significnatly” - Pegas Touristik
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Salome Beraia, Deputy General Director of Pegas Touristik notes with BM.GE, that the government’s decision on flight commence from November 1 has not caused big delight.

According to her, many tourists will not come in the country due to increased cases of coronavirus and worsened epidemiological condition.

Salome Beraia also notes, that travel industry does not fully believe that regular flights will be restored after several times of delay.

"So far, nothing has changed significantly for us. Self-isolation or quarantine still is a problem. It is unbelievable, people cannot leave their jobs for a such a long time. If PCR test will completely replace self-isolation, then travel might become acceptable. In addition, mostly those destinations have been restored where no one goes to rest for the winter. As it seems, it is again focused on the return of immigrants. However, if Turkey, Egypt and other destinations are added, then we can plan more tours," Salome Beraia said.

As for the financial condition of the travel company, Salome Beraia notes, that the company has 13 employees and no one has been fired. However, representative of the company notes, that no company will be able to continue for so long, including Pegas Touristik .