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Number of Internet Users Was Up in Georgia

Number of Internet Users Was Up in Georgia
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The Georgian National Communications Commission published a report. As of February, 2021, Georgia has 948 thousand active users in total, which is 27,000 or 2.8% more compared to the same period of 2020. Correspondingly, the number of active internet users increased in the country amid the pandemic.

Along with the growth of active users, revenues of internet providers are grown as well. Internet providers received revenue of 22.7 million GEL in February, 2020, while the volume increased up to 23.25 million GEL in February, 2021, so the growth totaled to 2.2%.

Active internet users include 902.8 thousand private individuals and 45.2 thousand legal entities.

As of February 2021, the average tariff paid by subscribers is as follows:

Private Individual per month - 18.65 GEL;
Legal entity per month - 142 GEL.

The market shares of the companies is distributed as follows:

MagtiCom - 49%;
Silknet - 31.4%;
Akhali Kselebi- 6.2%;
Sakiteli - 4.3%;
Other small operators - 9.1%.

According to GNCC, fiber-optic (broadband) Internet has the largest number of users - 788 thousand. The number of xDSL totals to 23 thousand, Wi-Fi - 79 thousand, and LTE is 11 thousand.