24.Jun .2021 12:00

Occupancy Rate Is 7% in Anaklia Hotel, While 5.5% In Mestia - Hotel Manager

Occupancy Rate Is 7% in Anaklia Hotel, While 5.5% In Mestia - Hotel Manager
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TBC CAPITAL reports, that the occupancy rate of large hotels has increased in almost all regions of Georgia, although there has been a significant increase in Batumi, Kakheti and Tbilisi. In other regions, the load is relatively low.

According to the report, average occupancy rate of hotels reached 22% in May.

Since January, the figure has been recovering for large hotels (40% in May), attributable to increasing number of overnight trips, activity of domestic visitors and also their competitive advantage. Large number of medium and small hotels remain closed. In this segment, occupancy averaged7% in May.

For select large hotels, occupancy displayed an increase in all regions. The figure was highest in Batumi, at 47% in May, only 1pp lower than in May 2019. Occupancy of large hotels averaged 42% in Kakheti, followed by Tbilisi and Other Regions, at 38% and at 35%, respectively.

Hotel Manager Maia Murachashvili says that large hotels also have problems with congestion.

As Murachashvili points out, the occupancy rate is low even this year, when we actively talk about the tourism recovery. She notes that the occupancy rate is down by 95% compared to 2019.

"I can tell you from the example of three regions that it is very difficult for large hotels to work in Gudauri, Anaklia and Mestia compared to a small hotel. In the case of these regions, small hotels are more crowded than large ones, although they also work mainly for local vacationers. As for big hotels, for example, the occupancy rate in Anaklia hotel is 7%, while 5.5% - in Mestia," said Maia Murachashvili.